November 23, 2018
Stanton DeFreitas has long realized that some cultures have discovered solutions to problems that vex others, which means we'll never know about those if we simply stay within ourselves. Stanton uses his business travels, which cover the world, to become far more than an entrepreneur. It has been the dream of Stanton DeFreitas to educate others ever since he was born and raised as a Canadian with Caribbean roots in the highly diverse Scarborough section of one of the most diverse cities in Canada and the world, Toronto.

These days, Stanton DeFreitas wants to become a writer, capable of communicating to people on a large number of the issues he believes are most important to society. Among the subjects he most wants to write about include international current events, international travel, international sports and even personal health and wellness. All of his writing, as with everything else in his life, is a reflection of his desire to bridge cultures and help everyone work together.